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Sweepstakes Leads

Not only have I been pleased with the Sweepstakes Leads I am receiving but also with the customer service provided. I strongly recommend using their services, it is 100% worth the investment!

The leads are more viable

The leads are more viable, the people are more open to follow up with and I have people who are actually interested in my assistance. I have closed two deals this year alone with leads from Pro Lead Brokers USA. The investment more than pays off!

Could not be any happier

Could not be any happier. They dropped my lead cost in half from what my previous campaign manger was doing…. They have excellent customer service…
Closed and pending I am at 14 transactions so far this year (Its April) From Google PPC and have a fantastic pipeline. Amazing!! Thank you!

One of the best PPC companies

One of the best PPC companies around! Rather than making a bunch of promises that they fail to deliver on, the Driven Team actually keeps it real with its clients. That’s one of my favorite things about working with them. They actually LISTEN to what you’re trying to do, then they tailor an approach that helps to reach that goal. There’s no one-size fits all approach, so if that’s what you seek, then Driven ISN’T for you. If you want a customized campaign specific to your needs and goals, then the Driven Team will be a fantastic ally for your team!

Exceptional Lead Generation Program

I have been extremely satisfied with the number of leads I have received. Some leads are for a quick closing and others are for the future. I have had many transactions through this program. One lead I received translated into five closed transactions.

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