RCI Timeshare Leads Master List

$2,500.00 $750.00

RCI Timeshare Master List

Shorthand for Resort Condominiums International, RCI leads the vacation industry as the largest timeshare exchange company in the world, offering all types of vacation and travel services for members. One of the biggest benefits to a timeshare, RCI has accumulated over 6,300 affiliated resorts spanning across over 100 countries around the world for travels to explore on a yearly basis. If you buy with RCI, you can have opportunities to travel across the world—never stay in the same place twice!


RCI Timeshare Master List  2014-2016

RCI Timeshare Points

The RCI Timeshare Points exchange is exactly like the direct week for week exchange, with the exception that owners can trade in their week for a certain amount of points, and use those points towards whatever they want. This includes using points to book an RCI-affiliated resort stay, split points up for numerous shorter vacations, or use points towards cruises, vacation planning services, etc. RCI Points can also be banked for the following year, to accumulate a greater amount of points for a more luxurious stay in a more exotic travel destination.

This offers not only flexibility in type of location, but also flexibility in how you vacation. Whether you want to fly, travel by bus, or drive, you can use your RCI points for those as well as your lodgings.