Timeshare Exit Leads


Selective Timeshare Resale Leads аnd Timeshare Cancellation/Exit Leads.
Iѕ уоur Timeshare Resale оr Cancellation business hаvіng issues getting уоur leads tо answer thеіr telephone? Prolead Brokers USA іѕ thе оnlу lead maker whо hаѕ thе Pre-Call SMS Text Message, аftеr аll, I designed іt.


Unlock the Power of Timeshare Cancellation/Exit with Exclusive Leads

Are you struggling to reach your target audience for timeshare resale or cancellation? Look no further! At Prolead Brokers USA, we specialize in providing high-quality, real-time leads that are optimized to convert and maximize your sales potential.

Our leads are not just ordinary leads – they are carefully curated to ensure they are the perfect fit for your business. We offer selective timeshare resale leads and timeshare cancellation/exit leads that are guaranteed to be fresh, opt-in, and free from disconnected or incorrect phone numbers. Say goodbye to wasted efforts and hello to a higher conversion rate!

Unlike other lead providers, we go above and beyond by offering unique Pre-Calling options that will skyrocket your contact and closing rates. Imagine having the power to connect with your prospects like never before. Our Pre-Calling options are designed to give you a competitive edge and boost your sales team’s efficiency.

We understand that outdated data is a thing of the past. That’s why we don’t sell data; we sell leads. Our leads are always up-to-date, ensuring accurate contact information. No more wasting time and resources on useless leads. With us, you can rest assured that every lead you receive is a valuable opportunity waiting to be seized.

If you’re tired of searching for mass timeshare owner records or old penny leads that lead to dead ends, you’re in the right place. Our real-time sales leads are specifically tailored for timeshare owners who are eager to get rid of their properties. By choosing us, you’re aligning your business with success and a lucrative market.

But wait, there’s more! Introducing our groundbreaking Pre-Call SMS Text Message feature, exclusively available to our valued clients. This innovative tool allows your sales team to send personalized text messages to potential leads, reminding them to expect a call regarding the timeshare information they requested. By gently nudging them, we increase the chances of them answering the phone and solving their timeshare problems with your expert assistance.

The impact of this feature is remarkable. Our clients have witnessed an average of 14% increase in their contact rates. Just imagine the hours saved by eliminating fruitless dialing and redialing. By effortlessly connecting with 14% more leads, you can expect to see an additional $75,000 in your yearly profits. It’s like having extra money in your pocket while spending less on leads compared to your current strategy. That’s what we call a win-win!

And here’s the best part: the Pre-Call SMS Text Message keeps working for you until the timeshare owner responds with a definitive “NO.” At that point, the lead is respectfully marked as unsubscribed to comply with US regulations. But don’t overlook the potential of those leads! Even if your outreach team couldn’t close the deal initially, you can always revisit them in 8 months or a year, using the Pre-Call SMS Text Message once again to enhance your contact rate. It’s like having a second chance at earning extra revenue without spending a dime.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your timeshare business. Choose Prolead Brokers USA for exclusive timeshare resale and cancellation/exit leads that will take your conversions to new heights. Contact us now and let us guide you towards greater success!