NetSuite ERP ushering a digital era for SMEs

netsuite erp ushering a digital era for smes

SMEs contribute significantly to the field of trade, employment as well as productivity.

The potential of an SME remains buried if digital technologies are not utilized smartly. Small-scale companies and start-ups avoid digitization, leading to many problems such as inefficiencies, higher costs and losses, loss of business, and overall lack of visibility about business operations.…

Digital transformation can be critical for SME businesses. Thoughtful adoption of digital technologies can rebuild and re-energize company strategy and its execution by leveraging the power of cloud, data, mobility and AI. Digital transformation is the solution to the problems of a next-gen business enterprise.

The Capabilities:
Dynamic 365: Field Service has various capabilities that significantly improves their efficiency. Capabilities such as:

Digital transformation and Oracle NetSuite ERP

Digital transformation can be achieved with NetSuite ERP as a business platform. It can lead to radical changes in a company through customized and vibrant process automation. It is the solution for simplifying primary business functions such as accounting, finance management, resource management and inventory management in a single integrated hub.

NetSuite is a robust and scalable solution that helps an SME achieve its business goals by:

Streamlined Processes

NetSuite ERP streamlines all business functions; It eliminates the need for having a separate interface for each department. It helps businesses run efficiently by removing removes silos between operations, automates critical processes.

Workflow automation

NetSuite ERP software helps companies to focus on productive work. The manual tasks are eliminated, leading to the reduction of human error through multiple data entries. Data is backed up in the clouds, reducing the chance of data loss.

Improved visibility

NetSuite ERP can provide relevant information on finger tips with the right visualization. Thus it helps make decisions faster and better. It leads to the enhancement of business communication and business transparency.

Integrated CRM

SMEs can integrate the customer journey with the business operations using NetSuite ERP. Comprehensive coverage of lead to cash cycle means that business and customer relationships would be on a much stronger footing.

Business flexibility

NetSuite ERP can support multiple currencies, integration across companies, numerous languages, tax rates, time zones and much more. These additional features make the business ready for global standards and future expansion.

Built-In Business Intelligence

NetSuite ERP can generate meaningful and actionable insights by combining data with visual analytics. Data analysis can open a vast opportunity to spin it into actionable insights and new business opportunities.

Better security and administration

NetSuite ERP simplifies the process, bringing all the departments a robust security system without compromising the industry data security standards. Entirely on the cloud, it eliminates the need for an SME to have IT staff and expertise to operate, maintain and manage the ERP.

SMEs must adopt technologies smartly. Advaiya’s approach, where the unique aspects of any business are understood and a solution is built and implemented using the world-class platform—Oracle NetSuite ERP can be hugely valuable for a forward-looking company. With such a solution in place, businesses can focus on growth and innovation while having technology for managing the operations most effectively and efficiently.

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