How Agile Methodology Assists the Development of Smart and Working Software Products?

how agile methodology assists the development of smart and working software products

As with any project, an effective and result-driven is a must, the same goes with software development projects. There’s no secret that software development is one of the trickiest and complex tasks that ever existed and to do them right, one needs to be following certain methodologies and processes that make the project go smooth and results in a functional project.

Agile is one of such methodology that is widely adopted by software development companies across the globe. It was formally launched back in 2001 when 17 different IT experts joined forces together to set up a software development method that eliminates all the factors contributing to slowing down a project’s development phase. They came up with four points in their famous Agile Manifesto that were driven to make the software development process fast and result-oriented. The 4 points are:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

Today, every organization seems to have been practicing agile methods in rendering software development services knowingly or unknowingly. No matter if you are new to the software development world or you have learned software development a decade after implementing old development methodologies, one thing is for sure that you are somewhere influenced by the agile software development methodologies.

Before proceeding further, it is important to discuss what the most important roles are in agile methodology. Agile methodologies are all about visioning such plans and models that are made to facilitate users so agile methodology hierarchy starts with keeping users in mind. Let’s get some important roles listed down here.

Important Roles in Agile Process:

  1. Consumers:

As earlier said in agile methodology, strategies regarding the design and development of software are made to address users’ ultimate needs. In the modern-day, this is labeled as estimating user personas of how users approach a specific software application.

There are hundreds and thousands of software applications available for users, keeping your business software product competitive in this tech-dominated spectrum is key. And here’s agile methodology comes into play. It leverages the whole development process through the workflows that facilitate the development process in a way that brings productivity.

  1. The Head of the Product:

A software product is someone’s idea that was once cooking in the brains. That person who envisions a software product is known as the head of the product. This person knows how things will dish out in the process of getting the desired product developed.

These are the persons who act as vocals for end users. They do establish their connections with both the users and the developers to convey users’ needs from a specific software product to developers. In short, they are the brains behind any software product idea. They present their vision of software in a series of demonstrations and hence the execution goes underway for both the long and short time. Priority is given to the segments that are most important and require greater effort.

Apart from coming up with a vision of a product, these people are responsible to interact with the design and the development teams and supervise the project managers to eliminate any discrepancy in the process. This is by far the most amazing benefit of agile methodology that it gets the whole team on the board and tasks are then assigned to them. When a product head interacts with the development team, he or she makes sure they come up with the stories helping developers to understand the user persona. These stories are short and taken from the real-life experiences of users.

These user stories are prioritized by the product owner, reviewed by the team to ensure they have a shared understanding of what is being asked of them.

  1. The Team Responsible for Software Development:

These are the people that are directly responsible to come up with a product that is envisioned by the product head. In an agile environment, the members of the software development work on specified and sometimes non-specified tasks.

Because the goal in front of them is very simple; to deliver a functional product incorporating all the features that are supposed to have in the ideation phase. They use each other’s core specialties where it is necessary. In agile environments, the development teams collaborate in a way that they use each other’s skills in a unidirectional way to get the job done.

In some cases, the developer team is not limited to just software developers. They can bring in QA analysts, project managers, designers, and other business analysts to broaden the scope of the development process.

Why Agile Methodology Works Better Than Other Methodologies?

When you pile up factors such as agile development, quick adoption, flexibility, using collaborative development tools, and the right teams, the desired results can be obtained quickly and productively. The agile methodology is all about adaption and flexibility that adds to the whole development process and refines it.

Agile architecture is better for many challenges because its concepts, frameworks, and procedures are based on the working conditions of today. Agile structures and development processes that give priority to the delivery of working applications and encourage input to enhance application and processes are best suited to the smarter and faster environment of today’s operation.

The Wrap:

Finally, the agile procedures are most suited and widely accepted among the software development teams across the globe. Many developers have their say on agile development as a method that has brought more productivity into their work despite putting unnecessary burdens on them.

If you are an entrepreneur and are looking to get your software product developed in the latest fashion, agile methodology is the way forward for you. Moreover, SoftCircles is one of the top software development companies in New York that strictly follows an agile methodology to bring the best out of a software development project.

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