An overview of Augmented reality applications and their future impact on AI
an overview of augmented reality applications and their future impact on ai






Toyota – vehicle demo



Created with agency Brandwidth, the app works by overlaying images of the inner workings of the Hybrid drivetrain onto physical vehicles.

Customers can interact with the app to be able to discover more about the car’s (C-HR model) key features, like the hybrid’s motor, battery, and its fuel tank.…


Aurasma app


The Aurasma app, for example, is already being used in classrooms so that students can view their classes via a smartphone or tablet for a more rich learning environment.…




The app has a set of coloring pages that make cells pop off the page and let children spin a globe in midair. Quiver lets students go beyond the pictures in their textbooks to interact with three-dimensional figures.…



Elements 4D


This app lets students combine different elements to see chemistry in action. Teachers can print out and assemble blocks that become trigger images for an AR experience…





One of my favorites is how Blippar is used with Brainspace magazine. You can scan the Brainspace cover and inside pages to connect with interactive content that brings the two-dimensional presentation to life.…



Arloon Plants


With this app, students can explore interactive plants to learn about structure and parts.…



Math alive


Math alive uses AR software downloaded to a computer, a camera, and special cards. Students and teachers place the trigger cards under a camera to practice counting and basic numeracy skills.…





This app is aimed at helping elementary school students learn concepts by using augmented reality experiences.



Pokémon Go


The most popular AR game till date is Pokémon Go which allows users to catch virtual Pokémon that are hidden throughout the map of the real world. It uses real locations to encourage players to far and wide in the real world to discover Pokemon. The game enables the players to search and catch more than a hundred species of Pokemon as they move in their surroundings…




The users get a real life shooting experience in this game and can record their fights and also create their own videos.…


YouTube – Beauty Try-On



the feature will allow users to virtually try-on make-up through the YouTube app…





This month, Acura live-streamed an AR race featuring its 2018 TLX sedan. From behind the wheel of Acura’s newest model, four influencers competed in the “What a Race” AR experience for the fastest overall time during three-lap individual runs.…





Disney Research developed technology that makes coloring book characters 3D as they are being colored.…


Zombies, Run!


already allow an AR experience (gamified), via audio, while running outdoors.


Rekorderlig – mixed reality experiential marketing ‘Rekorderland’


a mixed reality experience location in London’s Southbank for the summer.

There for six weeks, the concept was based on Midsummer, one of Sweden’s most celebrated traditions. The experience involves visitors wearing Magic Leap AR headsets, to view holographic imagery and light waves together, blurring the lines between the real and virtual worlds. Visitors also will be able to bring their Rekorderlig drinks to life using Snapchat codes in the bar area.…



Modiface on Amazon


L’Oréal’s Modiface is another of the best-known examples of AR within retail, with the feature allowing customers to digitally try on make-up through the brand’s app.…


Foot Locker – in-store poster


Foot Locker is one of the coolest examples to date, with the retail brand using a Snapchat AR filter to create the illusion that LeBron James – basketball player for the LA Lakers – is bursting out of a Nike poster in-store…


‘Magnum Beauty Store’ pop-up experience


Combining beauty and ice-cream, the ‘Magnum Beauty Store’ pop-up experience involved seven different zones, where visitors could engage in activities such as the personalisation of ice creams and eyebrow shaping.

There was a large AR element, too, relating to the theme of “Release Your Beast”. This involved visitors engaging with Magnum’s ‘four beasts’ – the leopard, polar bear, lion and tiger – through an interactive LED wall.…


VF – virtual mannequins


Timberland and Vans – has opened a new retail space One of the space’s key features is avatar-based virtual mannequins, which showcase various seasonal looks in 3D. Visitors can use touchscreen displays to view products in different scenarios, as well as change features such as lighting and context.…


Pepsi MAX



PepsiCo recently pranked commuting Londoners with an AR-enabled bus stop display. Travelers were shown a prowling tiger, a meteor crashing, and an alien tentacle grabbing people off the street.…




AccuVein is a handheld device that can scan the vein network of a patient that leads to a 45% reduction in escalations. Surgeons can plan procedures before making the first cut, models can be made of tumors, and AR diagnostic tools can model disease conditions.


AR GPS Drive/Walk Navigation


The application makes use of the smartphone’s GPS and camera to execute a car navigation system with an augmented reality-powered technology.…


AR GPS Compass Map 3D


The app shows a 3D compass that gets fused with the camera image and shows your current location from GPS on a separate map with adjustable size…


Gatwick airport passenger app


passengers can use the AR maps from their mobile phone to navigate through the airport


Tactical Augmented Reality (TAR)


essentially an eyepiece that helps soldiers precisely locate their positions as well as the locations of others—both friend and foe…




Augment allows its users to see their products in 3D in a real-life environment and in real-time through tablets or smartphones to drive sales and improve user engagement…


Ikea Place


For those who have purchased furniture and discovered once it was delivered it didn’t work in the space, the Ikea Place app will help you avoid that predicament in the future. The app was built using Apple’s ARKit technology, and it allows you to scan your room and design the space by placing Ikea objects in the digital image of your room to create a new environment with the new products.



Dulux Visualiser


Dulux Visualiser helps you try out a shade of paint for your room before you buy. Just use your smartphone camera to scan your room and virtually paint it with any color of the rainbow.



Measured by Lowe’s


, a virtual tape measure that can be used inside and out, and Envisioned by the Mine (owned by Lowe’s) which allows you to place 3D images of furnishings and accessories into your home or commercial space.


Sephora Virtual Artist


Sephora uses AR technology to allow customers to try out different looks and eye, lips and cheek products as well as colors right on their own digital face.


Rolex virtual try-on


The company has developed a virtual try-on experience where prospective customers can try out different styles and models


ASOS – virtual catwalk



The feature works when a user points their smartphone camera at a suitable flat surface and clicks the ‘AR’ button on the product page in the app. Models then virtually appear, giving the customer a new and more intimate way of viewing products.…


Gucci – ‘try on’ shoes in AR



Pointing their smartphone camera downwards, users can choose to see a digital overlay of 19 different sneakers on their own feet, swiping left or right to change to a different pair. The app also allows users to take photos, which can then be shared on social media or in messaging apps.…



Adidas – more virtual sneakers



, it partnered with Snapchat to create an AR lens for customers to virtually preview its new Ultraboost 19 running shoes.…




Sun-Seeker is an AR app which provides a flat compass view and a 3D view showing the solar path, its hour intervals, its equinox, winter and summer solstice paths, sunrise and sunset times, twilight times, magic hours and also a Map view showing solar direction for each daylight hour.…


Man City – AR-driven stadium tour



In 2019, the football club has integrated AR into its stadium visitor experience, introducing an immersive tour in celebration of its 125th birthday.


Visitors of the tour will be able to use AR to ‘sit next to’ and ‘interact’ with Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, at the top table of a press conference. Alongside this, the tour includes 3D holographic content, and a 360-degree cinema screen – all designed to offer fans a truly immersive experience.…





This is a fully-featured web browser that has the ability to display augmented reality content created with the argon.js Javascript framework. argon.js makes it easier for adding augmented reality content to the web applications in a platform and technology-independent way and supports the real-time AR capabilities of the Argon4 Browser.…


AR Browser SDK


This is a browser created by ARLab. This browser allows the users to add augmented reality geolocation view to the Android and or iOS application in less than 5 minutes.…


heads-up displays (HUDs)


The HUD can make drivers aware of potential hazards that might have gone unnoticed without posing a distraction or obstructing their view of the road. Nissan’s Invisible-to-Visible (I2V) technology already uses AR and AI to make drivers aware of potential hazards, such as nearby objects.


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