Top Robotic Process Automation Frameworks in 2021

top robotic process automation frameworks in 2021

This post will discuss Robotic Process Automation, Why RPA is needed, and the top Robotic Process Automation frameworks that every business owner must rely on in 2021 and even after. 

Let’s start understanding it one by one.

Why Robotic Process Automation? 

As per Wikipedia,

Robotic process automation (or RPA) is a form of business process automation technology based on metaphorical software robots (bots) or artificial intelligence (AI)/digital workers. Therefore, it is sometimes referred to as software robotics (not to be confused with robot software).

top robotic process automation frameworks in 2021


Also, Gartner is forecasting:

RPA revenue will reach close to $2 billion this year and will continue to rise at double-digit rates beyond 2024.

top robotic process automation frameworks in 2021 1


That makes hiring RPA developers essential for today’s business for automating tasks, which is ultimately required to enhance performance, speed, and productivity. 

Let’s look into some reasons why RPA is vital for process automation:

  • Increases Productivity, Speed, and Quality 

Robotic Process Automation can easily be trained to understand repetitive chores faster and much more efficiently than humans can ever do. 

  • Squeeze Out More Value From Gigantic Data 

Almost every business/organization needs to store gigantic data nowadays. And, the data is so much so that companies can’t even process all of it. RPA is suited to help parse through vast amounts of data and assist businesses in making sense of every data they collect. 

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  • Spare Enough Time for Employees to Be More Productive 

RPA helps in freeing up the employees for doing more valuable tasks in the business. It offers workers the ability to work on some more critical tasks, which can easily enhance productivity, quality, and speed of the processes in the business. Since employees will be more excited about their jobs now, it will be much easier to keep them happy. 

  • Be Much More Adaptable to Change 

Organizations are much more agile in adapting to change since the disruption caused by COVID-19. This is because the rate of being adaptable is relatively high, and RPA helps organizations speed up the processes at a minimum cost to be more efficient in such unwanted situations. As a result, organizations that follow RPA are more likely to deal with such change and disruption than those that don’t. 

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Top Robotic Process Automation Frameworks to Try in 2021

Now that we know about RPA and why it is essential for any business, let’s check out the top five Robotic Process Automation frameworks to help enterprises to be more productive, quicker, and efficient in delivering quality in 2021 and even after. 

Earlier known as sharpRPA, Taskt is a free C# program built using the .NET Framework. The best part about Taskt is that it features an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, which leads to a simplified automation process without needing to code. As a result, Taskt is a fantastic tool for teams who are purely C# centric. 

Developers with strong Azure/Microsoft background will find it much easier to create scripts with Taskt using C#. Hence, Taskt can be an excellent tool for anyone, especially for those used to developing Microsoft C# solutions. 

The capabilities of Taskt opens up a whole world of possibilities for businesses – they can quickly re-engineer the traditional business processes just by using the simple drag and drop interface. You even have the option to opt for free trials of the app or even set up manually – the choice is yours. 

Why use Taskt? 

  • Free to set up and use
  • Time and cost savior 
  • No more handling of complex accounting tasks 
  • Seamlessly manage accelerating volumes of incoming data


A multilayered and sophisticated tool that incorporates rich scripting language, allowing developers to complete complicated RPA instructions. Once each set of instructions, known as ‘Flows,’ is developed, you can easily save it in a text file with the extension ‘.tag’ using TagUI’s scripting language. Each flow can be efficiently executed then using a terminal window/command prompt. 

Every flow script can quickly identify the following:

  • Instructions to open an app/website
  • Where exactly to click on the screen 
  • What sort of content to type 
  • ‘IF’ and ‘Loop’ instructions 

The TagUI’s scripting language is quite rich, and that’s why people love to rely on this robotic process automation framework. Moreover, once the tool is up and running, it is pretty seamless to share the scripts as .tag files to form the library. 

When your team wants to experience automation while enjoying high-end customizations, it is highly recommended to use Open RPA. It is a mature tool all set to support and scale companies of every size. 

Open RPA tool features:

  • Seamless integration with leading cloud providers
  • Remote Management
  • Easy remote handling of state 
  • Easy-to-access dashboard for analytics 
  • Scheduling 

Open RPA is one of the two projects by OpenIAP, where IAP stands for Integrated Automation Platforms. The best part about Open RPA is that it is pretty easy to start with, and you don’t have to be a whiz to utilize it. You can completely automate your data and get access to real-time reporting to enhance the organization’s productivity. 

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  • Robot Framework 

The gigantic community of open-source developers has undeniably made it highly reliable and trustworthy RPA solutions for developers. Evidently, the benefits of the Robot Framework have made it such a highly preferred robotic process framework for the developers, which can be stated as follows:

  • Robot Framework runs on different platforms, making it one of the most easy-to-use platforms to adopt and implement. 
  • The core framework of the Robot Framework can be extended using the massive library of plugins. 
  • Group of vendors supports the open-source community, which helps in the quick update of the core product. 
  • Easily scale to the business’ needs using the default bots for replicating the automation. 

Expert developers love this Robotic Process Automation platform, as this tool is a little complicated and may not be highly recommended to those new to RPA. 

  • UI.Vision (Kantu)

Earlier, it was known as Kantu and runs either as a plugin in your web browser or as a standalone client. You don’t have to be an expert in writing scripts since a point-and-click interface drives that. UI.Vision is a highly reliable Robotic Process Automation framework for even those new to RPA who don’t have access to unlimited resources. 

UI.Vision is an excellent Robotic Process Automation tool for developers. However, it may lack the functionality needed to complete more complicated tasks. For example, more complex controls need terminal window access and scripts, which are not really supported by UI.Vision. 

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The Final Thoughts 

Robotic Process Automation frameworks are friendly when you want your businesses to be more productive, quick, highly automated, more efficient, and deliver quality. But, of course, that being the ultimate goal of every organization, every business would benefit from it. So, we highly recommend you adopt RPA into your firm, experience the benefits of automation, and make your business/employees/processes more efficient and productive than ever before. 

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