Top 4 Artificial Intelligence Engineer certifications in 2021

top 4 artificial intelligence engineer certifications in 2021

With the high rise in demand for talent in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the need for professionals who have expertise in this field has also increased immensely. Worldwide, many organizations are on the lookout for individuals who possess a great skillsets in the field of AI.

This demand gave rise to the artificial intelligence engineer certification program, which is offered by several online learning institutes. If a person wants to enhance their skill set and also stay ahead in the growing populations then doing a certification program in the field of AI is the best choice.

In this article, let’s understand the most affordable and industry-recognized top AI certifications that one can do to jump the career ladder.

Coursera is a world-class learning platform that offers numerous certification programs in various fields. It has partnered with more than 200 leading universities and many firms to give the most affordable, flexible, job-relevant online learning to the people who want to step up in their careers. Among those, there is a certification program called “AI For Everyone.” This certification program offers in-depth knowledge of AI terminologies like neural networks, Machine Learning (ML), deep learning, and data science. This program provides a better understanding of many AI strategies that are helpful for developing ML and data science projects.

Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTiBA) provides Artificial Intelligence Engineer(AIE™) certification. The main objective of this certification program is to empower every professional to enrich their career in the field of AI. The AIE™ certification based on the internationally recognized AMDEX™ framework offers an individual to attain knowledge as Subject Matter Experts (SME) as well as rigorous AI learning and industry-relevant exposure.   

In this AI certification program, one can learn the several concepts of ML, supervised and unsupervised learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), cognitive computing, reinforced learning, and deep learning. This program is self-paced and is ideal for those who are looking to gain better knowledge. One can appear for an exam after 45 days of registration. This is high-level certification best fits those individuals who want to gain an edge in the field of AI engineering.

This artificial intelligence engineer certification program also provides thorough learning and preparing experience by offering a free learning deck that comprises special resources curated by top-level industry experts. It is specially designed to help applicants to develop necessary skills and acquire job-ready capabilities so that they can step up in their career ladder and grab leadership positions.

  • Eligibility

Registrants are needed to fulfill specific prerequisites that are based on education as well as professional experience to be eligible for AIE™ certification. Overall, the registrants can be categorized under the following 3 tracks:

Microsoft offers Professional Program Certification in Artificial Intelligence that provides a comprehensive program of study in the field of AI. A person can explore many areas that include the basics of ML, Language, and Communication, Computer Vision, also learn key programming language-Python. The individuals will also have the freedom to opt between the areas related to Computer Vision and Image Analysis or Speech Recognition Systems or Natural Language Processing (NLP) where they can start leveraging data to develop intelligent solutions.

Simplilearn provides an Artificial Intelligence Engineer certification program in collaboration with IBM. This certification program will enhance the skill set of a person and makes them to gain more expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Each individual can master the concepts of data science with python, ML, deep learning, & NLP with the best features from IBM like hackathons, master classes, live sessions, practical labs, ask me for anything sessions & projects. Registrants will also get access to the IBM Cloud Lite account and Simplilearn AI Master’s Certificate that is industry-recognized globally.

If a person is looking for affordable and industry-recognized certification programs in the field of AI. Then the aforementioned certification programs are the best choice for them. They not only enhance your career but also help to grab a growth-driven job with an attractive salary in a well-established company.

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